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Agnieszka PałkaAgnieszka Pałka
artificial intelligence and fashion, or how does the getdressed plug-in work?

your customers spend long hours on your ecommerce, but end up buying only one thing? Or is there no transaction at all? Don't worry. We have a solution for this. The getdressed plug-in, based on AI technology, will take care of conversions in your e-commerce. Learn how it works!

artificial intelligence and fashion, or how does the getdressed plug-in work?

The getdressed plug-in uses artificial intelligence (AI) to suggest the best fashion outfits to your customers composed from products available in your e-commerce. All you need to do is submit your e-commerce product database (product feed) to us and our AI algorithms will learn the style of your brand. As a result, our AI will be able to generate outfits composed of the products available on your ecommerce store. All this to make the decision to buy more clothes and accessories easier for your customers.

"Using the product the customer is currently viewing and the range of products available on ecommerce, the plug-in can create full fashion outfits. Products are matched based on colours, shapes and patterns. This help the consumer to discover other available clothes that are stylistically matched to the product they have chosen" - explains Jakub Szydłowski from getdressed.


Cross-selling means offering products (or services) that are likely to be bought by a customer because they match the product (or service) that the customer is looking for.

you don't need to know complicated technology processes to understand how it works!

"We have been developing styling technology for over 2.5 years, working with many designers and personal stylists. This time gave us a unique opportunity to implement a tool that knows how human fashion taste works. To put it simply -- we put the knowledge and sense of aesthetics of personal stylists in the technology to help fashion e-commerce brands succeed" - comments Agnieszka Pałka from getdressed.

do you know that…

The plug-in is implemented via Google Tag Manager, connected to the e-commerce website. This makes the implementation process quick and straightforward.

why should you invest in getdressed plug-in?

1. you will offer the right product to the right consumer.

2. you will increase the average order value.

3. increase customer engagement on your website.

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there is no doubt that a user-centric approach, so putting the consumers in the focus and responding to their needs, is the most desirable marketing strategy today. The getdresssed plug-in lets you offer customers personalised styling experience and tailor-made outfits. This makes the user feel important, but also increases consumer trust in the brand. Most e-commerce shops only offer solutions like "see similar" or "others bought it too".

are you interested in getdressed plug-in? Contact us and find out more about the solution.

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Agnieszka Pałka
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